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Digital Facilities

Metropolitan Works’ Digital Manufacturing Centre houses the following facilities:

Rapid Prototyping
Rapid Prototyping machines build three dimensional objects from layers of powder or resin, giving designers the opportunity to explore and experiment with Rapid Manufacturing.

3D Scanning
3D Scanning or ‘reverse engineering’ is a bridge that spans the real and virtual CAD worlds. This technology is often used by craft practitioners and sculptors, as hand built work and found objects can be captured ready for manipulation on a computer.

Laser Cutting
The largest Laser Cutter available as a Bureau service in London, Metropolitan Works’ large format Laser Cutter is the most accessible technology for small businesses. It is a great tool for model making and prototyping as well as low cost production work.

Water-jet Cutting
Water jet cutting uses a fine jet of water mixed with an abrasive material to cut through a range of hard materials. The mixture travels at high velocity, enabling the machine to cut through almost any material.

CNC Routing
CNC Routing is perhaps the most commonplace digital technology used in production. Metropolitan Works have a very large and sophisticated machine capable of cutting in both 3 and 5 Axis.

Computer Aided Design plays a vital role in design and production. Metropolitan Works offers CAD desks and a wide range of commercially licensed software through its Workspace and Access facilities.